Podium Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Social Identification Through Music As Catalysts Of Empathy And Affect  (#86)

Sanya Jain 1 , Kshitija Wason 1
  1. Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi, Delhi, DELHI, India

A song can influence our psychological frameworks in magical ways. However, limited research examines how music can impact complex psychological frameworks like positive affect states, social identity and empathy. The present study tries to examine how people’s music listening habits shape and, are shaped by different aspects of their identifications and emotions. We observe what aspects of music are so therapeutic that they help people rise above difficulties. The research addresses issues of meaning i.e. whether it is the music or the lyrics of the song that create a more significant effect on a person’s affect. We posit a model of how music empowers an individual from helplessness to more positive modes of being.  Path analysis of the type of music, choice of musical, affect states and salient identifications predicts positive behaviors of higher empathy. Multiple hierarchical regressions point to type of music being significant predictor of positive affect. The findings of the current research have implications for the study of music cognition and their role in Positive Psychology. A predictor model explains how to harness the power of music towards building and shaping more positive outlooks. The results also throw light on ways of enhancing empathy and social identity.