Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Impact Of KPI Revision On Business Performance And Happiness (#637)

Shiko Kurihara 1
  1. Your Happiness is My Happiness corp., TOKYO, JAPAN


What does an organization need to contribute to society and to be sustainable?

Money? However, employees that belong to an organization often lose sight of the original purpose, feel that they are being deceived, and become exhausted in pursuing the quantified money. In such situations, performance will not improve and employees will not be happy.

There are problems in the setting of KPI. Instead of focusing on sales and profits, an organization needs to set up a new KPI that measures its contribution to society and the happiness of its employees.



We using the design thinking method. Brainstorming, Affinity projection, Value graph, Structural shift ideation. The new KPI was implemented in a company and was evaluated through questionnaire survey and data on the increase or decrease in sales.



The new KPI is "the amount of rice that was eaten during a meeting". As a result of removing presentation on sales and profit, which was done in previous conferences, and changing the topic of the presentations to inspiring stories, there was a 3% increase in sales. In addition, the questionnaire result is "I felt positive," "I remembered the meaning of my job", "I became happy"