Symposium 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Rapidly Building High-Quality Connections In The Workplace To Cultivate Collaborative Teams And Energise Employees (#30)

Marcia Ryan 1
  1. Wellbeing Works, Sandringham, VIC, Australia

The ability to work well with others is a key contributor to individual, team and organisational success. Rapidly building positive working relations with others underpins effective teamwork. With little time or resources, how can organisations build employee capability to rapidly connect and form strong supportive connections that are the foundation of collaboration? Marcia Ryan will explain how her ‘Cultivating Collaboration’ professional development program for leaders and their teams, provides practical strategies to boost team communication and collaboration.  

This program teaches four key ways to amplify the quality of daily connections with colleagues. Informed by  high-quality connection theory by Jane Dutton and colleagues from the field of Positive Organisational Scholarship, this program provides a framework along with practical connection activities to practice and embed into interactions with others at work to amplify the quality of these micro moments of interaction. The program provides learning tools to guide participants to immediately apply the practices back at work to:

  1. Rapidly build trust
  2. Respectfully engage
  3. Enable others to succeed, and
  4. Energise the interaction or connection.

This blended development program includes leader coaching, team workshops, and short team connection challenges for building connections with agility.