Symposium 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Leading With Courage - A Workplace Development Initiative To Build Courage In Our Leaders (#31)

Dina Pozzo 1
  1. insium Pty Ltd, ST KILDA, VIC, Australia

In a world of constant disruption and mounting tension, it has never been more important to be courageous.  We need people who will challenge the status quo, develop collaborations, be true to their personal purpose and values, despite pressures from all directions.  Although equipped with leadership frameworks, organisational leaders face challenges in leading and mobilising employees for continued organisational performance. 

Increased courage has demonstrated leader, associate and organisational benefits including higher levels of leader performance, business results and organisational integrity.  Despite these findings, courage has received limited empirical attention, especially in terms of workplace programs.  Based on this identified workplace need and gap in positive psychology, a measurable, outcomes-based program has been designed to build courage in leaders.

The program, comprising three key steps over a nine-month period, uses narrative methodology to build courage.  Measures of leader’s workplace courage, leadership and workplace wellbeing will be taken at weeks 1 and 39.  It is anticipated that each of these measures will show positive shifts in behaviour at this time. 

While courage is not the only behaviour required of leaders, it is an essential leadership behaviour for success and may be the one which provides most support in these challenging times.