Podium Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Exploring Emotions Associated With Transformative Meaningful Memorable And Ordinary Experiences (#118)

Brian J Hill 1 , Neil R Lundberg 1 , Dana C Dominguez 1 , Rachel L Glazier 1 , Maddie Park 1 , Kokia Chandler 1 , Rachel McCuistion 1
  1. Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, US

Human emotions are the result of lived experiences. All emotions are intrinsically linked to moments that have a specific duration (Heath & Heath, 2017).  A typology of experiences has been suggested that includes ordinary, memorable, meaningful, and transformative experiences (Duerden, et al, forthcoming). This study explores the association between experience types and common underlying emotions.  Nearly four hundred university students were asked to describe a recent ordinary, memorable, meaningful, and transformative experience and complete an emotions questionnaire (Fredrickson, 2009) related to them. Participants were asked to rate the amount (not at all, a little bit, moderately, quite a bit, extremely) of ten positive emotions and ten negative emotions they felt during the experiences they described.  Results showed participants felt the largest amount of positive emotion and the largest amount of negative emotion during transformative experiences. Participants reported feeling the least amount of positive emotion during ordinary experiences and the least amount of negative emotion during memorable experiences. For transformative and meaningful experiences, the largest amount of positive emotion was feeling grateful, appreciative, or thankful; for memorable and ordinary experiences it was feeling joyful, glad, or happy.  Additional quantitative and qualitative findings will be shared with a presentation or poster opportunity.