Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Mindful Running – An Ultimate Way to Mindfulness Meditation (#563)

Roopak Desai 1
  1. Positive Pyschology Practinioner - The Creative Transformations, Monroe, NEW JERSEY, United States

Last November while running my 4th marathon, I was out fuel by 20th mile. And intuitively it dawn unto me to be focused and getting immersed into the beautiful running motion. I then started to feel my entire body running in synchronicity not alone focused on tired legs or fatigue. I found myself in sync with surrounding feeling the gentle breeze, cooling rains and started using my each sense and muscle to connect with nature and drawing the energy from it. I got into extreme sense of gratefulness to my body for ability to run marathon which calmed my nerves.

I realized that mind had taken over my body and I had gotten into meditative state. The experience was beyond comprehension and for the first time realized that I have been many times running mindfully during my training runs with intention, attention, enjoying the moment and accepting what is.  It led me to study process around mindfulness meditation and running from the perspective of its effect on health and well-being. It turns out that mindful running combined with meditative state can potentially make both your brain stronger and  set your mind free reducing anxiety and easing depressive thoughts (5,6,7).