Oral Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Positively And Balanced Cultivation Positive Education (#299)

Anna Han 1
  1. Positive Education China Academy, Minhang, SHANGHAI, China

Positive education is very important for China.

Because positive education is rich in positive energy to nourish the hearts of teachers and children, making the hearts feel relaxed and happy, and having the courage and positive resources to constantly surpass the challenges ahead. Positive education is very important to educate people's minds. The sooner we integrate positive education into our existing education system, the sooner we can benefit from all aspects of educational ecology. But China is a developing country and a country with a huge population. positive education, likes all education, has equal characteristics. But in reality, how can we make positive education take into account both front-line urban schools and schools in less developed regions, and how can we support schools to connect with social organizations economic support so that positive education can start to sow in schools? Let the social organizations that participate in and support sustain positive feedback from the cause of positive education and cultivation, so we designed a tripartite benefit of positive education and Co-Nourishing program, and began to realize the three-dimensional vision of positive education interest schools and social organizations for more people.