Poster Presentation 6th World Congress on Positive Psychology 2019

Cultivating Callings: Evidence-Based Strategies For Fostering Meaningful Work (#565)

Bryan Dik 1
  1. Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, United States

Clients presenting with career-related concerns often desire a greater sense of purpose and meaning in their work. Therefore, incorporating the constructs of calling and vocation into the career counseling or coaching process is essential. An overview of conceptual and empirical work related to these constructs is provided. Drawing from recent theory and research, this highly interactive presentation presents evidence-based recommendations for helping clients discern and live out a calling in practice. Counselors and coaches are encouraged to explore the extent to which clients perceive a transcendent summons to a particular career, the extent to which clients’ careers bring meaning to their lives, and the extent to which clients’ careers serve society.